Letting It Soak In

Letting It Soak In

“Fearfully and wonderfully made”…I’m still trying to comprehend that. 

What does that mean? I am not a scholar or theologian so I can’t give you a definition or an explanation. I just know, that even though I was at the bottom of a mountain when I read this verse, it was a mountain top experience. God opened my eyes to a whole new way to see Him and how He sees me. I thought the mountains were more important to God but this verse showed me differently. I am fearfully (great reverence) and wonderfully (miraculously) made. 

This mountain top experience happened while I was at a Women’s Retreat in town near the Rockie Mountains, over ten years ago. I was sitting on a riverbank looking at the mountains, working through a spiritual journal that I was given. 

After reading Psalm 139, I wrote a prayer in this journal:

Oh Lord God, there is none like Thee who loves me so much, knows me so well and is so forgiving. Thank you. I praise you. Even though I think you wonderfully made the mountains and that they are more breathtaking than I am, I am wrong. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. It is really hard for me to accept me the way I am. You made me the way I am and I need You to help me to praise You for the way You have created me, in Your own image. Help me to be like You as You help me to learn to accept myself and praise You for making me. Amen.

Will this mountain top experience really change the way I see myself? If so, how?

The mountains may be majestic, but I am fearfully and wonderfully made by a creator who loves me, and that, my friend, is a beautiful thing. 

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