Blank Page

Looking at blank page can be paralyzing or an exciting challenge. How do I fill the page? There are so many possibilities. Are possibilities so numerous that it is too hard to decide which topic to choose? Or do I leave it blank for now and come back later? Will it be a ‘to do’ list or a brain dump of ideas of writing topics or activities to do, places to go?

A blank page. Clear your mind. Silence. Calm. Breathe. Still. Reflect. Rest. Think. Dream. The sky is the limit.

Every day when the busyness of the day envelopes me, I need to remember to stop, if for a moment, take a deep breath, and enjoy the moment. Yes, enjoy the moment. Deep breath in, I can breathe. Deep breath out, thank you, Lord, for today. That one pause in a busy day can make such a difference. It’s almost like a mind reset. Like looking at a blank page. 

“Be still, and know that I am God…” (Psalm 46:10 NIV). When I pause during my day and turn my thoughts on God and acknowledge Him and who He is, it changes my mindset. I am in awe of His greatness and His unconditional love for me. I am reminded that He is in control. When I bring my busyness to Him, it brings a sense of calm, if only for a moment.

A blank page can be an opportunity to get your thoughts onto paper, actual or digital. When you have done that, it frees up room in your mind and hopefully helps you to relax a bit. 

Invite the blank page into your day if only for a few moments. A chance to reset your thinking. The blank page, whether you are using it to do a brain dump, or using it as a reminder to pause for a moment and breathe…it’s a beautiful thing. 

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