Let’s Get Started. You CAN Do This!

Are you ready to begin the journey to a tidy home? Starting might be the hardest part. Once you figure out the where and how, you will notice that it might not be as impossible as you once thought it was. YOU CAN DO THIS! I’m here to help.

Did you read my post “First Things First” about where to start? With prayer. Seek first the kingdom of God. Does that seem weird? A simple prayer…Lord, please give me the strength to do this. Trust in Him to help you. 

There are so many places I could suggest to you of where to start. But let’s start at the entrance to your home. The first place that everyone sees when they walk in. Does that make you cringe? Then it is definitely a good place to start.

Look around at the space. Is there any garbage in the area? What do you do with garbage? Pick it up and throw it in the garbage can, where it belongs, or take it right out to the black garbage bin outside. That wasn’t too bad, was it?

What’s next? Is there a pile of papers? Papers from school? Mail? Newspapers or flyers? Go through it. All of the papers from school and mail place on your kitchen counter or a desk for now. You will handle that later. Maybe check the due dates to see if there is anything that needs your immediate attention. All of the newspapers and flyers can go straight to the recycling bin. 

Next. What doesn’t belong here? Do people leave things in the entrance when they come in the door and it stays there until they need it in another room? Gather up all of those things, the things that don’t belong at the entrance, and place them in the rooms that they belong in, or just put all of those items in a box and set it aside or in a corner for now. But don’t forget about it.

How are you feeling? How long did that take? Ten or fifteen minutes? Are you breathing a little easier? Does the space look and feel a bit better, or a lot better? That wasn’t too bad, was it? Do you have the energy to continue or are you done for today?

If you are ready to continue, go through the mail and papers. Sort them by due dates. Everything that is due now, or yesterday, or in the next few days, deal with them right away. Everything that doesn’t need immediate attention, put in a place that you will remember where these important papers are. Then set a reminder on your phone to come back to these important papers in a few days, preferably at least two days before the next due date. 

How long did that take? Maybe 15-30 minutes? If you do these four things once or twice a week, or every day, it will take less time, perhaps 5 – 10 minutes. That is totally doable, right?

That’s a great start! Well done! See, you can do it. I know there is still more to do. If you want to learn more, sign up to receive notifications of when I post something new, or book a 30 minute free consult.

I’m sure the entrance to your home looks better and feels better and that’s a beautiful thing.

“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13 NASB)

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