Food Wrap Boxes Organization

Recently a friend of mine moved. When I heard about her upcoming move, I let her know I was available to help. She wasn’t sure what I could do, so I suggested that I could unpack her kitchen. She said “Great!”.

Moving day arrived. I met her and two other friends outside her old place. She sent me and one other friend to her new place to unpack her kitchen. She let us know that the new kitchen is small and that everything probably won’t fit in her new kitchen. She also said that we might have to leave some things in boxes. Okay. Off we went to the new place.

The kitchen was full of boxes. We could barely walk around. I didn’t think to take any before, during or after photos. It would have been great to share the progress with you. Maybe another kitchen in a different house?

It was like Christmas opening up the boxes not knowing what was in each box. We did manage to unpack every box and find a home for every item from the boxes into the cupboards, drawers and pantry with room to spare. It was a beautiful thing!

There aren’t a lot of drawers in that kitchen, four to be exact. One for eating utensils, one for cooking/serving utensils, another one for kitchen towels and hot pot holders and the last one for small storage containers and lids. The boxes of plastic wrap, foil, wax paper, etc didn’t have a home in a drawer. So, I just placed them on a shelf in the panty. Not ideal. They take up too much real estate laying flat on a shelf.

Before picture of food wrap boxes on pantry shelf.

A few days later I thought of a possible solution for this problem.

I decided to test out the possible solution at home first before I shared it with my friend. My solution worked!

After picture of food wrap boxes on pantry shelf.

I found a magazine holder, emptied it, turned it long side down and placed the boxes in the holder. Viola! It works! It is functional and saves a lot of space and makes room for other items on the shelf.

I had this metal magazine holder, but you can use a cardboard one or make one from a cereal box (I have done that before). You just need to make sure the boxes will fit in the empty cereal box before you cut it up.

The boxes shown in the picture are the standard sizes. Anything bigger will not fit.

Have you found other uses for a magazine holder? Do you have other solutions as to how to store food wrap boxes? If so, I’d like to hear about them. Send me an email with your ideas.

Finding organizing solutions is a beautiful thing!

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