Hi! I’m Freda.

I enjoy creating calm out of chaos by encouraging, declutting and organizing your space to make it more functional and efficient, and therefore, a beautiful thing.

Spending time with my wonderful husband and two adult children is my favourite thing to do. Other things that bring beauty to my life are baking, going for walks, reading, journalling, chatting with family and friends, sitting in my back yard on nice days, organizing, giving hugs, and of course eating dark chocolate.

This blog is a journey to overcome the feeling of “not enough” and finding beauty in the everyday…organizing, flowers, a kind word, etc. It has been a long one, but I would like to share with you some of my thoughts. I am not a psychologist, or a theologian. I am just an ordinary person who struggles with self acceptance and I’m hoping to encourage others as I share with you some of my thoughts.

In the past, I have been encouraged on two separate occasions, by two different published authors that I should write. So, here I am.

Growing up I never imagine that I would speak in front of an audience. God had other plans. I have spoken at two different occasions at women’s events in my church.

At the first event, the Children’s Pastor at the time, had tears in her eyes as I spoke. Afterwards, she made a comment something like “I didn’t know you had it in you”. It was a very high compliment.

Years later I spoke at another event with close to 100 ladies in attendance. A few days later the associate Pastor came to me. His wife had attended the event. I don’t know what she said to her husband, but he mentioned that perhaps I should have the title of Pastor.

As with my life, this blog site is a work in progress.

Empty hands. Open heart. Endless possibilities. Kingdom builder. For God’s glory.