Letting It Soak In

“Fearfully and wonderfully made”…I’m still trying to comprehend that.  What does that mean? I am not a scholar or theologian so I can’t give you a definition or an explanation. I just know, that even though I was at the bottom of a mountain when I read this verse, it was a mountain top experience.Continue reading “Letting It Soak In”

Wonderfully Made

How can anyone like me? I’m not worthy…I’m “not enough”.  For years I lived my life with routines and schedules, hoping to stay out of everyone’s way so that I wouldn’t offend anyone. I sheltered myself from getting close to people for fear that they wouldn’t like me, or I would disappoint them if IContinue reading “Wonderfully Made”

Constant Friend

When you look at the friendships you currently have, are any of them since childhood? Or perhaps high school? Is it rare to have those long lasting friendships?  I have lost contact with all but three people that I attended school with. I am friends on FaceBook with two of them. I haven’t actually spokenContinue reading “Constant Friend”

Who Am I – Loved

Do you remember being in Grade 1? It has been quite a few years since I was in grade 1. Unfortunately, I don’t have very fond memories of that year of my school life.  When I was growing up, going to Kindergarten was optional. My mom didn’t think it was necessary for me to attendContinue reading “Who Am I – Loved”

Who Am I – Too Little

Have you ever felt like you just don’t measure up? Words spoken make you feel small and unimportant? Do you find it difficult to overcome the feeling of small? Unimportant? Inadequate? Not enough? Growing up, I was the youngest and smallest of four children. I was always the smallest person in my grade. For oneContinue reading “Who Am I – Too Little”


UGH! Is it morning already? Do I have to get up (after hitting the snooze button a bazillion times)? Do I have to go to work today? Do I have to get everyone else up and make breakfast? Do I have to adult today? I’m so comfy and cozy in bed. I don’t want toContinue reading “Mornings”


After the darkness of night, far off on the horizon is a sliver of light. I enjoy watching the skies awaken. How the rays of the sun paint the horizon with different shades of yellow, orange, pink and red. It is such a masterpiece of art. I am amazed every time. Watching the sunrise neverContinue reading “Thankful”