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  • Wonderfully Made
    How can anyone like me? I’m not worthy…I’m “not enough”.  For years I lived my life with routines and schedules, hoping to stay out of everyone’s way so that I wouldn’t offend anyone. I sheltered myself from getting close to people for fear that they wouldn’t like me, or I would disappoint them if IContinue reading “Wonderfully Made”
  • Fear
    Fear. Just hearing the word can be paralyzing at times. Some people live in fear and some people live for fear, the thrill of the adventure. When living in the world of ‘Not enough’, as I have for many years, there is much fear.  Fear of: These are a few things that I fear. CanContinue reading “Fear”
  • Constant Friend
    When you look at the friendships you currently have, are any of them since childhood? Or perhaps high school? Is it rare to have those long lasting friendships?  I have lost contact with all but three people that I attended school with. I am friends on FaceBook with two of them. I haven’t actually spokenContinue reading “Constant Friend”
  • Who Am I – Loved
    Do you remember being in Grade 1? It has been quite a few years since I was in grade 1. Unfortunately, I don’t have very fond memories of that year of my school life.  When I was growing up, going to Kindergarten was optional. My mom didn’t think it was necessary for me to attendContinue reading “Who Am I – Loved”
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Hi, I’m Freda. When I’m not spending time with my wonderful husband and children, I enjoy going for coffee with a friend, reading, writing, and organizing! Of course we can’t forget about eating chocolate.

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