Why do We Hold on to Things just for The Feelings they Bring?

Do you have something in your life that you never use but you can’t get rid of because of the feelings, memories or emotions that item(s) bring you? You are not alone.  When I was in in elementary school, I was given four little books of the four gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. AsContinue reading “Why do We Hold on to Things just for The Feelings they Bring?”

Stop Procrastinating!

Confession, I’m a perfectionist. Which means I’m also a procrastinator. Let me explain. I often don’t want to do a task, like going through storage containers, if I can’t do it perfectly, so I put off doing it. I am also afraid of getting rid of things for fear that I might need it later,Continue reading “Stop Procrastinating!”

Food Wrap Boxes Organization

Recently a friend of mine moved. When I heard about her upcoming move, I let her know I was available to help. She wasn’t sure what I could do, so I suggested that I could unpack her kitchen. She said “Great!”. Moving day arrived. I met her and two other friends outside her old place.Continue reading “Food Wrap Boxes Organization”

Let’s Get Started. You CAN Do This!

Are you ready to begin the journey to a tidy home? Starting might be the hardest part. Once you figure out the where and how, you will notice that it might not be as impossible as you once thought it was. YOU CAN DO THIS! I’m here to help. Did you read my post “FirstContinue reading “Let’s Get Started. You CAN Do This!”

What was I Thinking? I Can’t do this!

It is too overwhelming! My house is a disaster! There is stuff everywhere and I don’t know what to do with it. I can’t keep up. What was I thinking? I can’t do this! Does this sound familiar? For some, keeping a clean house looks easy and it may come second nature to them. ForContinue reading “What was I Thinking? I Can’t do this!”

First Things First…where do I begin?

Where do I begin? That is often a question that comes up when a person needs to start sorting through things to get rid of items no longer needed or wanted, or when it’s time to declutter.. Perhaps a good place to start is with your heart and mind. Are you holding on to thingsContinue reading “First Things First…where do I begin?”

I’m a Keeper

I have a lot of stuff! Too much stuff. How did I let this happen? Does this sound familiar to any of you?  A few months ago as I was looking at my stuff, material possessions, I came to a few realizations: I was in my bedroom walk-in closet when I made that realization. IContinue reading “I’m a Keeper”

Sorting and Packing Up

My parents and my husband’s parents were born in the 1930s. They grew up with little and money was tight. You only bought something if you really needed it and had the means to acquire it, which might have included trading goods or services. If your clothes got holes, you sewed them up. If somethingContinue reading “Sorting and Packing Up”

Bright Bold Colours

Does that title scare you? Make you feel a little uneasy? Are you hesitating to read any further? Please, continue reading as I hope to bring you a word of encouragement. Do you have a favourite colour? When shopping for clothes are you drawn to clothes in that colour? Do you tend to wear clothesContinue reading “Bright Bold Colours”

The Sounds of Spring, Singing Birds

The other morning I was walking through the house, I could hear a familiar sound that I haven’t heard for a while. I stopped and listened. The sound put a smile on my face and joy in my heart. It was the sound of birds chirping. Another sign of Spring. God created all kinds ofContinue reading “The Sounds of Spring, Singing Birds”